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Albert Einstein was not just known for being the father of modern physics but also for being an avid espresso drinker. He once said, “good idea begins with good coffee.” We want to serve good coffee so our guests will have great ideas! 

We value quality and strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Constantly pouring lattes with the intention to give your morning a great start. Proudly serving ethically-sourced, organic, and single origin coffee that gives back to the world. Always seeking for an opportunity to improve, we change our menu seasonally with innovative beverages and premium ingredients to match what our customers desire.

We sincerely wish that you would enjoy your stay at our cozy cafe and keep having great ideas!

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Our Coffee

Proudly serving specialty coffee from Afficionado Coffee Roasters. 

“Innovation, Community, Sustainability. These are the pillars of Afficionado Coffee, and we are able to build upon them by partnering exclusively with the same producers, year after year.

Together, we develop phenomenal products that are sustainable themselves because of their quality, and that provide for the farms year-round.

Our process involves meticulous attention to farming, harvesting, and roasting techniques, often in rare and limited batches. By implementing new revenue streams, we can continue to support vibrant, self-sustaining communities. Most of all, we’re never quite done.”

Idea Coffee shares the same vision as Afficionado Coffee Roasters. Come in store to purchase select beans! 



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Contact Us

If you would like to work with us, whether it’s for an event or for catering, feel free to contact us at info@ideacoffeenyc.com! Any inquiries are welcome. 

Interested in joining the Idea Coffee family? Drop off your resume in-store or send it to our email anytime. 


Idea Coffee

246 5th Ave New York, NY

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